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Watch the Monkey Hill Animation
Click the link below to either view the QuickTime animation or download it to your computer. The animation shows the site plan projected onto a 3D model of the terrain. While viewing it, use the slider at the bottom of the QuickTime screen to rotate the plan to any view.

Monkey Hill Estates Animation (3.9MB)

After clicking this link, please be patient. Depending upon your Internet connection, it may take a minute or two for the animation to begin. You must have QuickTime 4 (or better) installed on your computer.

Monkey Hill Estates
Turks and Caicos Islands
ocated at one of the highest points on North Caicos Island, residents will enjoy paved and lighted streets, underground utilities and a landscaped entrance.

If you'd like to build your home in Monkey Hill Estates, be in touch with us for details as well as the investment potential and tax advantages of owning property in this stable British Overseas Dependent Territory.

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