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Where do I want to build my home?
99% of the vacationers come for the beach, but people who live here for any extended time move inland! Why? The beach is expensive real estate. It's good for condo development or hotel-resort use. Some multi-million dollar vacation homes enjoy the beach setting but these are usually rental properties when the owners aren't in residence.

Monkey Hill Estates has the amenities you'll enjoy. First, the project is on North Caicos' high ground – elevations run from 60 feet to 100. Views on many lots are expansive - across the Island to the ocean beyond. Breezes are normally from the SE here and Monkey Hill benefits from the unrestricted cooling trade wind. Explore Monkey Hill Estates Now

The strong winds on beachfront properties can affect your gardens and landscaping adversely and salt spray is hard on glass and hardware. Monkey Hill is away from these damaging problems. The beautiful vegetation and large trees on Monkey Hill illustrate the advantages to this location.

Construction is only beginning

Want to Know More?
First, explore the site plan and review lot prices. If you are interested in purchasing a home site, please contact us for further information. We can help you learn more about buying land in the Turks and Caicos Islands and tell you the advantages of home ownership in this beautiful country.


That's right. No monkeys reside on the Turks and Caicos Islands. The original platt named the property Monkey Hill because of its lofty perch. "Monkey Hill" is a Caribbean term used to designate high points on islands. St. Lucia and Dominica also have Monkey Hills.

The view from atop Monkey Hill is unrivaled on North Caicos Island.

Monkey Hills Estates has desirable restrictive convenants
The owners association will set the site's annual budget/fees and require 66% of shareholders for approval. Fees for first two years: $300/year per lot. When you decide to build, you must complete construction within a 24 month period and can select your own architect, builder and contractors.


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