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North Caicos Island Map North Caicos Island
It's called "The Emerald Island" because of its lush vegetation and more fertile soil. On its northern sandy shores are some of the best beaches anywhere and the world's third largest coral reef system provides great fishing and diving opportunities. 

The miles of white sand beaches are still pristine giving the island's 3,000 residents a host of natural places and coves in which to relax.

The government has recently encouraged development with extensive road paving, building of a 2-mile causeway connecting North with Middle Caicos Islands, and development of a deep water port at Bellefield Landing near Sandy Point so sea freight can dock directly. They are upgrading of the North Caicos runway to allow commercial jet landings within the next year and a new airport terminal is scheduled. Currently, international flights land on Providenciales while regional airlines serve the smaller airports.

These improvements will encourage new development and real estate sales on North Caicos. Underway, or complete now, are the The Royal Reef Resort and Pumpkin Bluff developments near Sandy Point and the St. Charles Resort at Horsestable Beach. Prices for beach front property have escalated quickly. Monkey Hill Estates provides home sites with panoramic views at one of the highest points on the island at a fraction of the cost of beach front sites.

As a matter of interest, the south shore faces the shallow Caicos Banks which is quite different from the northern beaches. Most of this area will never be developed because of its value as a protected wetland habitat for birds, plants and animals. Flamingo Pond near the center of the island hosts the Caribbean's largest resident flock of the graceful birds and has an observation deck for visitors.

North Caicos is 12 miles northeast of Providenciales, the country's most populated and developed island. You will still find an island much as it has been for more than 200 years. Life is easy. Life is the sea and nature!

About 3,000 people live here and North Caicos still has the charm of a rural outpost with four major settlements: Bottle Creek faces a lagoon protected by a substantial vegetated sand bar; Whitby (along with Horsestable Beach and St. Charles) overlook the northern beaches; Kew in the heartland near the historic Wade Plantation, and Sandy Point on the northwestern side facing Parrot Cay, an exclusive resort development.


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