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Turks and Caicos Islands
The Turks and Caicos Islands are growing with the increase demand for high end, good quality tourist destinations. The Government is encouraging development while, at the same time, requires extensive ‘Environmental Impact’ studies. Low impact projects such as Pine Cay and Parrot Cay – both close to North Caicos - are to be congratulated for their sensitivity.

The British Crown owns all of the beaches. Consequently, the general public has free access to all of them. Yet only ten of the country's 40 islands are inhabited so the government was able to set aside 33 sanctuaries, nature reserves and national parks in 1992 to preserve the rich biological diversity of the islands.

Providenciales (38 square miles) is the most developed island with a population of 30,000. About two-thirds of the entire country's citizens live and work here along with several hundred winter residents from North America and Europe, but more and more are young retirees coming here due to favorable tax rates, the lifestyle and, of course, the weather!

While Grand Turk Island near the eastern edge of the country has been inhabited for 1,300 years, it now has a resident population of only 6,000. Cockburn Town is known for its traditional Bermudan architecture, historic sites and museum. It is the territory's capital and a tourist center. Sport "wall diving" is a major draw to this island and its companion, Salt Cay, throughout the year.

North and Middle Caicos Islands have a combined population of less than 4,000 "belongers." Both islands have lush vegetation and fresh water ponds in their gently rolling terrain. Running along the northern shores is the world's third largest coral reef system which protects the white sand beaches from destructive waves while providing unmatched swimming and snorkeling.

South of North and Middle Caicos, The Caicos Banks is at the center of the Caicos Island chain. Warm, shallow waters provide undisturbed shorelines dotted with mangrove, a haven for shorebirds and island wildlife. But the real action is in the water -- bonefishing! While growing to only 20 pounds, they give anglers a scrappy fight they rarely forget.


If bonefishing is too tame for you, try your skills with marlin in the deep waters, up to 500 pounds of acrobatic power and speed.

South Caicos lures fishermen from around the world, but all of the islands offer outstanding opportunities. Each year, international fishing tournaments are hosted in the Turks and Caicos.


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